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The first Myth: men like fashionable hairdress.

To make the fashionable hairdress more stable, it is necessary to use hairspray or gel. If the man touches hair of the escort woman, hairspray or gel isn’t very pleasant for touches. By the way it is more pleasant to touche clean hair. And the man likes to touch hair of the escort woman. Sometimes men try to touch hair of escorts, and in reply they hear «Don’t touch, you will spoil a hairdress, I just fixed everything».

The second myth: it is necessary to dye hair, so they will look more beautiful.

What for? Practically 95 % of men like the natural hair colour of the escort girl. Besides, continuous hair-dyeing negatively influences hair. But it is favourable to hairdressers, escorts listen to the women not to the men, but not just women, they listen to hairdressers who are not happy in a family. They say:”You will look more attractive and hair will begin to shine if you dye hair in this colour. It is the new technology which is almost harmless. Also it is cheap.” Well also you will burn the roots of hair with chemicals every month. Your hair will become dim and lifeless in 10-15 years. You will spend this money for holidays or the sports gym. Charming wise escorts of London never listen to somebody but themselves when their beauty is discussed. They dye hair when they want and when it is necessary but london escorts will never fall for the opinion of others.

The third myth: Hair needs twisting.

Why do you need twisting? It is the question that is a real deadlock for the majority of men. The hair rollers are normal, but a chemical hairdressing and coloring negatively influences hair. And it is a big question whether the man will like your new hairdress or hair color. Few times I saw the same situations. The escort woman does a hairdress: a chemical waving and hair dying. After that she goes to the dating or a meeting with the man. Of course, she waits from him the delighted reaction. And she thinks that the man will notice such a global change in appearance of the escort girl. At the situations that I saw, the men didn’t notice anything and it caused offense and tears of the escort women. It is better to develop the self-confidence, smile more often, laugh, and it won’t be necessary to dye hair in green color to attract his attention.

The fourth myth: Lipstick on lips makes the escort lady more beautiful.

The answer to the question, what woman is more pleasant for kissing is obvious. Men would like to kiss the escort without lipstick.

The fifth myth: Shadows, hulks, powders, foundations make the skin better.

All these adaptations spoil the skin, spoil the natural face of woman. And besides it is more pleasant to kiss the escort woman who has no a thick layer of unnatural chemicals on her face.

The sixth myth: perfume.

Who has said that the smell of perfume attracts men? Probably, it is the trick of the cosmetic companies. Besides, men are usually strained by the quantity of time, which is necessary for the escort woman to apply all chemicals on the skin.

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Have you ever dated a stranger? She could be a person whom you met on a friend’s birthday party or someone you know but not that well. Well then let me tell you that dating a new girl has its own pros and cons attached to it. Let us see some “goods” and “bads” of dating a new girl.
First psychological pro
The first psychological pro a man may feel is the excitement and fun of being back in the cat race of enticing game; the task of planning a winning stratagem, dressing well and get going alone or along with friends to search for that gorgeous stranger whom you can label as your girlfriend. This feeling of being back in the game and having some fun, make you like an adventurer or a hunter. However this psychological pro has its own con of being turned down quite a lot of time and at times can put you in depression as it may take a long time to find the right match. Often guys end up booking an escort – which is not always legal (more on legality here)
Freshness of a relationship and the mystery
Once date with a new girl begins, the freshness of a relationship and the unpredictability or mystery of events could bring new confrontations as well as create the spark among the two lovers. It is always fun to know someone new in a romantic or quixotic way which could be compared to the excitement of a couple who are expecting to welcome a baby in their lives. However the drawback to this is the challenges which come along may devastate you as there is no way for you to predict how things would evolve eventually.
Dating a new girl is similar to going back to kinder garden once more. It is like learning everything about this new girl you are dating. For instance, weaknesses, strengths, likes, dislikes, habits, temperament, health issues, family background, character, dreams, goals and aspirations, etc. This can be a tough confrontation as dating a new girl could ask you to alter some of your behaviors and habits as your personalities merge. Moreover you ought to be prepared to travel the bumpy road ahead.
Bonding or making a connection
Bonding ( or making a connection is yet another psychological con of dating a new girl especially when you are not in love with her as this magical moment takes time to understand the bonding of give and take in a relation, and if you are one of those impatient kind then this wont be possible as you might not be able to hold on for a long time. Adjusting to your new girl’s friends and family could be a daunting task and also a major psychological pro and a con. Your ability to deal with them can either break or make your relationship.
Dating a girl and moving on with that relationship totally depends on both the parties; as love is capable of reigniting an old or creating a new flame. A date with a new girl is like solving a puzzle where missing of even one block can ruin the relationship causing a heart ache.